Autism is described as a spectrum, as are several other neurological conditions and with that description comes a situation where people who share a diagnosis can have very different ways of experiencing life and very different challenges, and have very different needs in terms of advice, guidance, support and mentoring. The aim of this blog resource is to offer insight from autistic people to autistic people and their families about some of the issues and challenges that we face and how some of us have learned to address them and cope with them. There is seldom, if ever a one size fits all solution to any issue, but by sharing experiences and raising questions that are often missed or even actively avoided by people talking about autism, the aim is to offer something different.
Along the way we hope to dispel a few myths and challenge a few misconceptions and assumptions, and possibly even raise a smile and perhaps an occasional giggle. Because we want to create a space where no question is taboo or irrelevant or silly, we welcome contributions from anyone on the autistic spectrum, and comment from anyone who has an interest either directly or indirectly in autism. Currently we have taken an editorial decision that we will generally only post articles written by autistic people, and where we occasionally seek input from people who aren’t autistic this will be clearly labelled as such.
Some of the topics that have been suggested for the blog may well raise a few eyebrows but we feel that it is important that we can openly discuss disability, politics, religion, sexuality, relationships, mental health, anger and aggression and other controversial questions as well as the more usual topics around coping day to day with a diagnosis of autism. The posts on the blog will represent individual autistic viewpoints and should not be considered as advice or guidance for specific situations. The authors of the blog reserve the right to remove any comments deemed unacceptable. This explicitly includes any comments that refer to “curing” autism.
We hope that you enjoy the blog and find useful information within it as it grows over time. If there are any specific topics that you want to see covered or any articles that you want to submit for consideration please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are hoping to build something that works and that serves as a resource for understanding autism and how autistic people experience and cope with the World around us. We can only really do that with your help, so if you see something you like, tell us, and if you disagree with anything, let us know.
The Spectrum of differences team